Jewish leaders practice defending from knife attacks at antisemitism summit

At a Jewish conference in Amsterdam, participants pair up and face one another before one of them lunges at the other one with a butter-knife, prompting the unarmed person to holler “Stop!” and block the attack.

The activity is part of self-defense training led by an Israel-born security expert from Belgium for about 200 participants — many of them older than 60 –- of a conference focused on fighting antisemitism.

Silence Is Despicable: History Is Repeating Itself

Sickening what is happening in Israel and throughout the world.  In Israel the IDF fights and we do all we can to bring the hostages home. Meanwhile throughout the United States we see people celebrating the murder, rape and mutilation of Jews.

At Columbia University, Yale and other schools we see scenes which we haven’t seen since the days of the Holocaust.  Its not just the celebration of people, it’s the universities permitting it. Its professors encouraging it.

Self-Defense Class Empowers Youth Against Antisemitism

Shaarey Zedek teens learn self-defense skills to combat antisemitism.

In a proactive response to growing rates of antisemitic threats and violence, Congregation Shaarey Zedek (CSZ) recently organized a self-defense class tailored specifically for teenagers.

So, It’s Your First Day of Concealed Carry

It’s been a long process, but you have done it right. You considered all the implications of carrying a gun. You tried out different guns with the help of people in the know until you found the one that was right for you. You got training and practiced until you can not only shoot accurately but understand how your gun operates and can reload or clear a malfunction quickly. You went to the appropriate class to understand your state’s laws and get a concealed carry permit if one was required for your state. Now, the long-awaited day is here, and you’re all set to go out into the world as a legally armed citizen. Now that you have reached this point, here are some important things to keep in mind.

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