Self-Defense Class Empowers Youth Against Antisemitism

Self-Defense Class Empowers Youth Against Antisemitism

Shaarey Zedek teens learn self-defense skills to combat antisemitism.

In a proactive response to growing rates of antisemitic threats and violence, Congregation Shaarey Zedek (CSZ) recently organized a self-defense class tailored specifically for teenagers.

Held on Sunday afternoon, March 17, the congregation’s teens enjoyed lunch and learning from Senseis Matthew Sikora and Richard Dristy of TRUE Martial Arts, alongside CSZ’s Rabbi Aaron Starr. The event was a part of Shaarey Zedek’s Kulanu Initiative, a series of programs to combat antisemitism in association with the Anti- Defamation League (ADL).

Wanting to take a bold step in empowering young individuals, this program was designed to instill confidence and resilience in the face of prejudice, discrimination and the threat of violence.  

To begin the class, the instructors introduced their specialized “Live Safe” program featuring the five personal rules of safety developed for everyday personal awareness. By fostering open dialogue and raising awareness, the program not only promoted self-defense but also served as a platform for education and advocacy. Teens were encouraged to practice these basic safety habits at home.  

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