Silence Is Despicable: History Is Repeating Itself

Silence Is Despicable: History Is Repeating Itself

Sickening what is happening in Israel and throughout the world.  In Israel the IDF fights and we do all we can to bring the hostages home. Meanwhile throughout the United States we see people celebrating the murder, rape and mutilation of Jews.

At Columbia University, Yale and other schools we see scenes which we haven’t seen since the days of the Holocaust.  Its not just the celebration of people, it’s the universities permitting it. Its professors encouraging it.


Jews in America need to learn about the great Ze’ev Jabotinsky who spoke of the need for Jewish self-defense and for Jews to have guns – values which are completely against the value system of todays American Jewish leaders who for years have taught us that multicultural dialogue, gun control and liberalism were Jewish values. New leadership has to emerge quickly that can quickly adapt to the new world in which the Jewish community finds itself.

As Jabotinsky said in “The Idea of Betar,” the purpose of the Betar group which he founded was “to create that type of Jew which the nation needs in order to better and quicker build a Jewish state.” Max Nordau made a similar point, when he discussed the need for “muscular Judaism.” He believed that we needed a “new Jew” who had mental and physical strength in order to serve Zionism. Today we need to remind ourselves of the need for this kind of Jew.

This perspective came against the backdrop of pograms – including Kishnev where as Hebrew poet Hayyim Bialik wrote “In the City of Killing,”, there were  horrors of attacks on innocent Jews in Kishnev, who hadn’t paid attention to what was happening and were passive and easy targets. Sound familiar?

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