What is gevurah.net?

October 7th of 2023 shook the Jewish world. The days that followed brought on a sense of dread that many Jews never thought they'd feel in their lifetimes; a physical danger lurking on all sides, not only in Israel, but worldwide.

Most Jews will seek comfort in their communities, in their synagogues, in their mitzvot.  The spiritual resources available to us are deep and plentiful.

For many however, there remains a sense of physical unease that is more than unsettling.  This is what is being addressed here. For many, a return to Jewish physical strength is required.

Gevurah is usually translated as "strength" or "power", but when examined, is deeper, more nuanced.  

You see, while gevurah may literally mean "strength", it has the connotation of strength through restraint.

"Who is a strong person? He who sublimates his own passions." - Pirkei Avot 4:1

This is important. It is natural to be angry, to want revenge! In 1968, Rabbi Meir Kahane founded the Jewish Defense League, which held as its primary mission, to organize, arm, and protect Jews from violence.  "For ever Jew, a .22!"

The JDL devolved quickly into racism, violence, and political extremism.

To be frank, Kahane fucked us.  An organization like the JDL is so very much needed in the diaspora for Jews, but the legacy of the JDL will forever cloud any attempt.  Nor should anyone confuse this with any argument for another attempt to be made.  If you think this is a "call for action" for anything other than strengthening Jewish individuals, if you think this is a call for violence in any way, go away now.  Nothing of the sort is being proposed here.  

So what is proposed here is not an organization of Jews ready to defend our communities, but communities filled with individuals who are strong, trained, and ready to defend themselves, their families, and their neighbors if necessary.

This is where the essence of gevurah comes into play.  This is about DEFENSE.  This is not about looking for a fight.  This is not about revenge.  This is not about posturing, flag waving, virtue signaling, tough guy bullshit.  There are no logos here.  Nothing to wear on a hat or a t-shirt.  We are not training for a fight.  We are training to make sure Jews are not easy targets.  We are training to forever avoid having to fight.

Three elements of physical preparation are professed here.  

  • Physical strength. Developing the body to its highest potential.  One can never be too strong.  There are few Jewish specific resources for this.  We have neglected this side of our beings for too long.  For those who don't know where to begin, Starting Strength is perhaps the best place to start.

  • Krav Maga. The importance of being able to defend yourself physically can not be overstated.  Krav Maga was born out of this need for Jews specifically.  While it is what is discussed here, it is not the only way.  Krav Maga openly borrows from whatever other system that works, and many other systems do.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA are all effective.  Find a quality traning facility in your area and begin.  Now.  

  • Guns.  Guns can be a taboo subject for many, but for Jews living in places where they can arm themselves legally, they should, responsibly.  Get training.  Practice.  Learn how but when to use firearms properly, safely, and legally.

We must never go looking for a fight.  We must always be prepared for one should our enemies try us.  It is our responsibility.  It is our obligation.

There is no one who will hold your hand.  A few resources are provided here to get you started, but the journey is your own.  If you have any doubts, consult your Rabbi.  


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