• 4 Universal Firearms Safety Rules And Their Importance

    When it comes to firearms safety there are four universal safety rules crucial to follow. These rules ensure no one is injured — or worse — due to a negligent discharge.

  • Cherev Gidon

    Our mission is to provide average American civilians with the skills Israeli security personnel rely on for their survival and to defend the security of the state. The Second Amendment protects your right to own a gun. Cherev Gidon can give you the skills to use it. If you want to be truly prepared for a worst-case scenario, book a course with Cherev Gidon!

  • Fearful American Jews arm up and flock to the gun range

    Many used to be anti-gun but their world has changed since October 7

  • Get a Gun

    The Jewish way of gun ownership is more about responsibility than power.

  • If I Were a Jew, This Is How I Would Invest in Personal Defense

    I was honored when my friend Josh Centers asked me to write an introduction to this Jewish beginners guide to firearms. The info is not only for Jewish gun owners, but it’s a wonderful wonderful collection of solid advice and practical information for people looking to purchase a gun.

  • Israel Weapon Industries (IWI)

    Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), located in the center of Israel, has been a world leader in the production, marketing, design, and development of unrivalled weapons for over 85 years. IWI’s products are deployed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and worldwide. All of IWI’s weapons have been battle proven around the world under adverse and extreme environmental conditions.

  • Jewish Gun Owners

    r/jewishguns - A sub for Jewish people who like guns, and gun people who like Jews.

  • Jewish Restaurants Beware!

    So this happened today:

    I was sitting in a restaurant, facing the door with a buddy from the industry. Through a window, I saw a tall, messy, dirty, and grimy man, walk by and enter the establishment. I figured he was a homeless man looking for something to eat or use the bathroom.

  • Jews Are Compelled To Learn How To Shoot

    The facts are clear Jews are under attack worldwide.  And while in Israel there is a Jewish army, worldwide Jewish communities are realizing the need for protection.  Jews simply must have guns. And it seems that even in the United States, where Jews were once safe those times may also be coming to an end.

  • Matti Friedman: Why I Got a Gun

    My Glock is an ugly little monument to the historic threat facing my family, my neighbors, and all of Israel.

  • National Defensive Firearms Training Academy

    Raziel Cohen, otherwise known as “The Tactical Rabbi,” has been training and instructing some of the best in the country.  The National Defensive Firearms Training Academy only became available to civilians in 2018. Prior to this, Cohen only gave private courses to Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, and Security Details.

  • NSSF: WhereToShoot

    WhereToShoot is the web's most comprehensive directory of shooting ranges. Managed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the firearms industry, the site is updated frequently with range information in every state.

  • Principles of Personal Defense

    Jeff Cooper's classic on personal defense is the best study of the guiding principles of survival in the face of unprovoked violence by human assailants. Cooper discusses the vital elements of defensive mental conditioning, including alertness, decisiveness, aggressiveness, speed, coolness, ruthlessness and surprise.

  • Rabbi fights back to teach guns, self-defense to Jewish community as antisemitism grows

    'A lot of people complain; I want people to act,' says Los Angeles Rabbi Yossi Eilfort

  • Silence Is Despicable: History Is Repeating Itself

    Sickening what is happening in Israel and throughout the world.  In Israel the IDF fights and we do all we can to bring the hostages home. Meanwhile throughout the United States we see people celebrating the murder, rape and mutilation of Jews.

    At Columbia University, Yale and other schools we see scenes which we haven’t seen since the days of the Holocaust.  Its not just the celebration of people, it’s the universities permitting it. Its professors encouraging it.

  • So, It’s Your First Day of Concealed Carry

    It’s been a long process, but you have done it right. You considered all the implications of carrying a gun. You tried out different guns with the help of people in the know until you found the one that was right for you. You got training and practiced until you can not only shoot accurately but understand how your gun operates and can reload or clear a malfunction quickly. You went to the appropriate class to understand your state’s laws and get a concealed carry permit if one was required for your state. Now, the long-awaited day is here, and you’re all set to go out into the world as a legally armed citizen. Now that you have reached this point, here are some important things to keep in mind.

  • The Significance of Obtaining a Firearm License.

    by Rabbi Shay Tahan

    In today's climate, people are grappling with uncertainty about how to respond to the increasing incidents of anti-Semitism worldwide. The dilemma arises: should we flee or stay and confront the challenges? Even if the option to run is considered, recent events demonstrate that no corner of the world seems entirely safe for us. Another quandary facing the Jewish community is whether to apply for a gun permit. Raised and educated to respect and love others, and not to inflict harm in any way, the notion of wielding arms for potential self-defense goes against these values, presenting a moral conundrum for many.

  • Yidl, Get Your Gun

    But don’t forget your God

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