So, It’s Your First Day of Concealed Carry

It’s been a long process, but you have done it right. You considered all the implications of carrying a gun. You tried out different guns with the help of people in the know until you found the one that was right for you. You got training and practiced until you can not only shoot accurately but understand how your gun operates and can reload or clear a malfunction quickly. You went to the appropriate class to understand your state’s laws and get a concealed carry permit if one was required for your state. Now, the long-awaited day is here, and you’re all set to go out into the world as a legally armed citizen. Now that you have reached this point, here are some important things to keep in mind.

Carrying a Gun is a Significant Responsibility

Like driving a car, you are now in charge of a tool that can end a life or significantly injure someone in the blink of an eye. And like a car, a gun is an inanimate tool that can only do that when controlled by a person. You are that person.

Be Aware of Where Your Gun is at All Times

You should never have to wonder where your gun is. You should always know. Checking to ensure it is where it is supposed to be should be second nature. I’m not talking about constantly checking to be sure it’s still in your holster; with a quality holster that provides good retention, it will not fall out. I’m talking about not leaving it in a public restroom or forgetting to get it out of your car when you get home. Develop a mental checklist that includes always knowing where your gun is.

Another aspect of this is being aware of where your gun is on your body in relation to the people around you, especially in a crowded situation like a busy store or standing in line. Appendix carry keeps your gun securely in front of you, but appendix carry isn’t for everyone. If you prefer carrying your gun at a different location on your waist, be aware that if someone behind you notices it, they could try to grab it in a crowd. It is your responsibility always to maintain full control of your gun.

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