• ‘Muscular Judaism’: Athletes compete for unofficial title of world’s strongest Jew

    Bringing weightlifting back to the Maccabiah Games after over 3 decades, competitors from around the globe — amateurs and pros — hoist barbells in staggering shows of strength

  • A Powerful Body And Soul – Rabbi Kook

    “All of our t’shuva will only succeed if it will be, along with its spiritual splendor, also a physical t’shuva which produces healthy blood, healthy flesh, firm, mighty bodies, and a flaming spirit spreading over powerful muscles." Rabbi Kook

  • Cherev Gidon

    Our mission is to provide average American civilians with the skills Israeli security personnel rely on for their survival and to defend the security of the state. The Second Amendment protects your right to own a gun. Cherev Gidon can give you the skills to use it. If you want to be truly prepared for a worst-case scenario, book a course with Cherev Gidon!

  • Fearful American Jews arm up and flock to the gun range

    Many used to be anti-gun but their world has changed since October 7

  • Get a Gun

    The Jewish way of gun ownership is more about responsibility than power.

  • Israel Weapon Industries (IWI)

    Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), located in the center of Israel, has been a world leader in the production, marketing, design, and development of unrivalled weapons for over 85 years. IWI’s products are deployed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and worldwide. All of IWI’s weapons have been battle proven around the world under adverse and extreme environmental conditions.

  • Israeli Krav Maga

    The Israeli Krav Maga system is one of the most effective, practical, and holistic fighting systems in the world. It is based on utilitarian movement, natural instinct and constant adaptation. Krav Maga will not only enhance your body’s physical abilities but will build your mind and soul in the process. It is designed to benefit people of all shapes, sizes, and physical abilities regardless of age.

  • Israeli martial artist provides tips and techniques for New York Jews’ self-defense

    “A Jew needs to be strong, needs to be self-reliant,” Natan Levy told JNS, after a free seminar in a Brooklyn gym.

  • Jewish leaders practice defending from knife attacks at antisemitism summit

    At a Jewish conference in Amsterdam, participants pair up and face one another before one of them lunges at the other one with a butter-knife, prompting the unarmed person to holler “Stop!” and block the attack.

    The activity is part of self-defense training led by an Israel-born security expert from Belgium for about 200 participants — many of them older than 60 –- of a conference focused on fighting antisemitism.

  • Jewish Partisans

    Some Jews who managed to escape from ghettos and camps formed their own fighting units. These fighters, or partisans, were concentrated in densely wooded areas. A large group of partisans in occupied Soviet territory hid in a forest near the Lithuanian capital of Vilna. They were able to derail hundreds of trains and kill over 3,000 German soldiers.

  • Jewish Restaurants Beware!

    So this happened today:

    I was sitting in a restaurant, facing the door with a buddy from the industry. Through a window, I saw a tall, messy, dirty, and grimy man, walk by and enter the establishment. I figured he was a homeless man looking for something to eat or use the bathroom.

  • Jewish UFC fighter Natan Levy spars troll who tried to defend Holocaust-denying neo-Nazi

    UFC fighter Natan Levy punished a troll who incredibly turned up at his gym after challenging him to a spar online.

  • Jews Are Compelled To Learn How To Shoot

    The facts are clear Jews are under attack worldwide.  And while in Israel there is a Jewish army, worldwide Jewish communities are realizing the need for protection.  Jews simply must have guns. And it seems that even in the United States, where Jews were once safe those times may also be coming to an end.

  • Joe Greenstein (The Mighty Atom)

    Joseph L. Greenstein (January 2, 1893 – October 8, 1977), better known as The Mighty Atom, was a 20th-century strongman known for highly unusual feats of strength and endurance.

  • Krav Maga Global (KMG)

    KMG’s Krav Maga is a comprehensive system encompassing self-defense, combat & fighting, and close & third-party protection. It stands at the forefront of self-defense systems worldwide, renowned for its practical and real-world techniques and tactics designed to address and manage a wide range of violent confrontations.

  • Krav Maga Worldwide

    Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc. is the largest reality-based self-defense organization in the world and industry leader in Krav Maga-based self-defense, fitness, and combat.  Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, emphasizing instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios.  The Krav Maga system has since expanded across the globe and is now utilized by law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and the average citizen looking to learn practical self-defense and get in shape.

  • Krav Maga: Kill or be killed. Does it really work?

    When people think of Krav Maga, they often imagine very secretive, super-special forces ninja techniques being used by the Mossad inside dark and dangerous enemy territories.

    But is Krav Maga really the most lethal and deadly fighting code that the legends claim? Are the techniques really that original and secret?

  • Maccabi USA - Weightlifting

    Maccabi USA builds Jewish pride through sports and promotes support for Israel, Zionism, and Jewish continuity through athletic, educational, and cultural experiences for participants of all ages.

  • Matti Friedman: Why I Got a Gun

    My Glock is an ugly little monument to the historic threat facing my family, my neighbors, and all of Israel.

  • Muscular Judaism

    Muscular Judaism (German: Muskeljudentum) is a term coined by Max Nordau in his speech at the Second Zionist Congress held in Basel on August 28, 1898. In his speech, he spoke about the need to design the "new Jew" and reject the "old Jew", with the mental and physical strength to achieve the goals of Zionism. Nordau saw Muscular Judaism as an answer to Judennot (the "Jewish distress" about facing rampant antisemitism).

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