Physical Fitness

  • ‘Muscular Judaism’: Athletes compete for unofficial title of world’s strongest Jew

    Bringing weightlifting back to the Maccabiah Games after over 3 decades, competitors from around the globe — amateurs and pros — hoist barbells in staggering shows of strength

  • A Powerful Body And Soul – Rabbi Kook

    “All of our t’shuva will only succeed if it will be, along with its spiritual splendor, also a physical t’shuva which produces healthy blood, healthy flesh, firm, mighty bodies, and a flaming spirit spreading over powerful muscles." Rabbi Kook

  • If I Were a Jew, This Is How I Would Invest in Personal Defense

    I was honored when my friend Josh Centers asked me to write an introduction to this Jewish beginners guide to firearms. The info is not only for Jewish gun owners, but it’s a wonderful wonderful collection of solid advice and practical information for people looking to purchase a gun.

  • Joe Greenstein (The Mighty Atom)

    Joseph L. Greenstein (January 2, 1893 – October 8, 1977), better known as The Mighty Atom, was a 20th-century strongman known for highly unusual feats of strength and endurance.

  • Maccabi USA - Weightlifting

    Maccabi USA builds Jewish pride through sports and promotes support for Israel, Zionism, and Jewish continuity through athletic, educational, and cultural experiences for participants of all ages.

  • Muscular Judaism

    Muscular Judaism (German: Muskeljudentum) is a term coined by Max Nordau in his speech at the Second Zionist Congress held in Basel on August 28, 1898. In his speech, he spoke about the need to design the "new Jew" and reject the "old Jew", with the mental and physical strength to achieve the goals of Zionism. Nordau saw Muscular Judaism as an answer to Judennot (the "Jewish distress" about facing rampant antisemitism).

  • Physical Exercise and Training In Ancient Jewish Lore

    Dr. Samuel S. Kotteck - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Kotteck uses ancient Jewish texts to trace the development of exercise and training among Jews

  • Starting Strength

    The Starting Strength System makes use of the body's most basic movement patterns – barbell exercises that involve all the body’s muscle mass – utilized over the longest effective range of motion and loaded progressively, to force the adaptations necessary for increased strength.

    Unlike other popular exercise protocols, Starting Strength is a training system – a long-term process designed for getting stronger over time, not a random collection of exercises that just make you hot, sweaty, sore, confused, and tired today.

  • StrongFirst

    We are experts at making the weak strong and the strong stronger. On top of strength, we coach “strong endurance” and resilience for the most demanding applications. Distilled from the best of the Russian and Western sports science, our methods have a proven record with professional athletes, tier one special operators, as well as regular folks who have decided to earn self-respect and be weak no more.

  • These Are the Best Strength Standards on the Internet

    Strength standards are strength benchmarks for different exercises based on what other weightlifters with similar characteristics can achieve, and they’re useful because they . . .

    • Give you targets to aim for that are challenging but reasonable
    • Help you understand your strengths and weaknesses
    • Help you see how much progress you’ve made since you began lifting weights
  • Weightlifting Strength Standards

    The strength standards on this page grade your one-rep max performance against other adult lifters at your bodyweight.

    Our strength standards are based on millions of lifts entered by Strength Level users.

  • Westside Barbell

    The purpose of is to provide information and resources related to the strength training methodologies and philosophy developed by Louie Simmons, Tom Barry, and the Westside Barbell community.

    The website serves as a hub for those interested in learning more about the conjugate method and its applications to general training, athletes, powerlifting, grappling, combat sports, football, and other sports and forms of strength and performance training.

  • World Champion Powerlifter Balances Orthodox Jewish Faith, Competition and Rutgers Course Load

    While continuing to train one to two hours a day, five days a week, and competing as a member of the Rutgers Powerlifting Club, Naomi Kutin is completing her undergraduate degree and studying for her master’s degree at Rutgers’ School of Social Work.

  • Zishe Breitbart

    Siegmund Breitbart (22 February 1893 – 12 October 1925), also known popularly as Zishe or Sische Breitbart (Yiddish: זישע ברייטבאַרט), was a Polish-born circus performer, vaudeville strongman and Jewish folklore hero. He was known as the "Strongest Man in the World" and Eisenkönig ("Ironking") during the 1920s.

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