Get a Gun

The Jewish way of gun ownership is more about responsibility than power.

If I Were a Jew, This Is How I Would Invest in Personal Defense

I was honored when my friend Josh Centers asked me to write an introduction to this Jewish beginners guide to firearms. The info is not only for Jewish gun owners, but it’s a wonderful wonderful collection of solid advice and practical information for people looking to purchase a gun.

Rabbi fights back to teach guns, self-defense to Jewish community as antisemitism grows

'A lot of people complain; I want people to act,' says Los Angeles Rabbi Yossi Eilfort

World Champion Powerlifter Balances Orthodox Jewish Faith, Competition and Rutgers Course Load

While continuing to train one to two hours a day, five days a week, and competing as a member of the Rutgers Powerlifting Club, Naomi Kutin is completing her undergraduate degree and studying for her master’s degree at Rutgers’ School of Social Work.

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