Jewish Restaurants Beware!

So this happened today:

I was sitting in a restaurant, facing the door with a buddy from the industry. Through a window, I saw a tall, messy, dirty, and grimy man, walk by and enter the establishment. I figured he was a homeless man looking for something to eat or use the bathroom.

Matti Friedman: Why I Got a Gun

My Glock is an ugly little monument to the historic threat facing my family, my neighbors, and all of Israel.

The Significance of Obtaining a Firearm License.

by Rabbi Shay Tahan

In today's climate, people are grappling with uncertainty about how to respond to the increasing incidents of anti-Semitism worldwide. The dilemma arises: should we flee or stay and confront the challenges? Even if the option to run is considered, recent events demonstrate that no corner of the world seems entirely safe for us. Another quandary facing the Jewish community is whether to apply for a gun permit. Raised and educated to respect and love others, and not to inflict harm in any way, the notion of wielding arms for potential self-defense goes against these values, presenting a moral conundrum for many.

Israeli martial artist provides tips and techniques for New York Jews’ self-defense

“A Jew needs to be strong, needs to be self-reliant,” Natan Levy told JNS, after a free seminar in a Brooklyn gym.

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