A Powerful Body And Soul – Rabbi Kook

“All of our t’shuva will only succeed if it will be, along with its spiritual splendor, also a physical t’shuva which produces healthy blood, healthy flesh, firm, mighty bodies, and a flaming spirit spreading over powerful muscles." Rabbi Kook

Jewish UFC fighter Natan Levy spars troll who tried to defend Holocaust-denying neo-Nazi

UFC fighter Natan Levy punished a troll who incredibly turned up at his gym after challenging him to a spar online.

‘Muscular Judaism’: Athletes compete for unofficial title of world’s strongest Jew

Bringing weightlifting back to the Maccabiah Games after over 3 decades, competitors from around the globe — amateurs and pros — hoist barbells in staggering shows of strength

Krav Maga: Kill or be killed. Does it really work?

When people think of Krav Maga, they often imagine very secretive, super-special forces ninja techniques being used by the Mossad inside dark and dangerous enemy territories.

But is Krav Maga really the most lethal and deadly fighting code that the legends claim? Are the techniques really that original and secret?

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