Physical Exercise and Training In Ancient Jewish Lore

Dr. Samuel S. Kotteck - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Kotteck uses ancient Jewish texts to trace the development of exercise and training among Jews


What is

October 7th of 2023 shook the Jewish world. The days that followed brought on a sense of dread that many Jews never thought they'd feel in their lifetimes; a physical danger lurking on all sides, not only in Israel, but worldwide.

Most Jews will seek comfort in their communities, in their synagogues, in their mitzvot.  The spiritual resources available to us are deep and plentiful.

For many however, there remains a sense of physical unease that is more than unsettling.  This is what is being addressed here. For many, a return to Jewish physical strength is required.

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None.  Jews face hate on all sides of every aisle.  Our plight transcends politics.


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