Strengthening Jewish community resilience - opinion

Strengthening Jewish community resilience - opinion

A proactive approach to self-defense and empowerment through the proposed integration of Krav Maga training into the Jewish Agency’s emissary program.

The Jewish Diaspora has long confronted distinctive challenges. Given recent events and the resurgence of antisemitism, there is an urgent need to adopt more dynamic and proactive methods to ensure community safety and empowerment. 

We need to delve deeper into innovative strategies for fortifying the Jewish community, and build on the foundational principles of krav maga (a form of self-defense), and political cohesion (as previously discussed in The Jerusalem Post oped “Jewish Self-Defense: Safeguarding Our Future,” December 11).

The Diaspora has a rich history of adaptation and resilience. In the face of increasing antisemitism, it becomes imperative to revisit and rejuvenate our traditional concepts to address contemporary challenges.

How do we become more resilient in the face of antisemitism?

The proposed integration of krav maga training into the Jewish Agency’s emissary program represents a significant step in this direction. This initiative goes beyond physical defense; it embodies a broader commitment to community empowerment and resilience.

Traditionally, emissaries have played vital roles in cultural and educational exchanges among Jewish communities. However, in our current climate, their roles must evolve. The inclusion of krav maga trainers in the emissary program signifies a proactive stance in ensuring the physical safety and psychological empowerment of community members, especially youths.

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